A Portfolio of my Video

Literally Pictures was a web series that started in my dorm room at Ball State University. The idea was to create a short form comedy series for youtube implementing techniques learned in class. Former roommates Max Shaffer and Eric Conrad cohost and cowrite this series with me. Our goal was to create a comical and satirical outlook on the entertainment industry. As the series stands there is a single season, but there are talks of the future bringing more.

Historic Muncie - Senior Capstone

Historic Muncie - The Emily Kimbrough District was a short documentary that I produced for an immersive learning class at Ball State University. Much of what was shot for this documentary was used in a longer form documentary that has aired multiple times on Indiana Public Broadcasting channels. Find more information on the project at

Black Cherry - Independent Short Film

Black Cherry was an independent short film created by college friend and aspiring film writer at the American Film Institute’s conservatory, Jake Bottiglieri. This is a noir tale of untrusting lovers and family friends. I was the primary DP and colorist for the film. This film was accepted into the 2010 Glasgow International Film Festival as a student film. For more information check it out on IMDB

Gaelic Storm - Music Video

Gaelic Storm’s - The Night I Punched Russell Crowe is arguably my first notable video. This piece was produced in 2008, prior to entering college, as an entry into a Youtube contest. I produced the 3 minute stop motion music video in a little more than 72 hours and won first place. The video was broadcast on international music television stations and played at several live concerts.

Woodcraft - Customer Communications

Woodcraft of Dayton was celebrating their 15th year of business in the greater Dayton market. This web video was used as a digital thank you to their customers. The video was sent out on facebook, youtube, and their weekly email rotation, as well as postings on their website. This was shot and produced by me.

Stories From the War - Interview

My grandfather on my mother’s side recounts his time in the Army during the second world war. This interview was film in November of 2012 shortly before his 91st birthday. I shot and produced this as a family documentary to preserve his memory.