My Maker Collection

Razor Restoration - Antique Restoration

This is a collection of straight razors that I have found in various states of decay. I turn these from dull rusty forgotten tools of yesterday into clean, mirror polished, sharp tools for another hundred years. What started as a project to restore Great-Grandfather’s razor has turned into a collection of razors and a steady flow of learning hand tools and techniques.

Western Leather - Gun Leather

This is a collection of some of the western style gun leather that I’ve made. I started in leather making holsters for concealed carry guns. I quickly found that western style pistol rigs were much more challenging and more fun to build. These sets are built for my father and myself and used in Cowboy Action Shooting competition.

Future Finishes - Web Development is a web project that I developed in conjunction with Donnova Creative. Corey designed the graphical layout of the page. I designed the user experience and interaction along with the actual page markup. Future Finishes is a good example of a responsive web design, flowing from device to device seamlessly.

Spangenhelm - SCA Armor

Early on in my maker days I was very heavily involved in a medieval recreation society called the SCA. One component of the SCA is a martial sport fighting in the style of a medieval warriors. Each combatant needs their own armor. I decided to build my own helmet -- the viking spangenhelm.

Pipe Restoration - Antique Restoration

Around the same time that I started restoring razors I was given a collection of my Grandfather’s smoking-pipes, most were in disrepair. I took it upon myself to learn smoking-pipe restoration. Restoring these antiques allows me to appreciate the tools, techniques and trade of the long past eras they come from.