2016 – The Year Of The Maker

The maker movement is in full swing.

What does that mean? Well to me it means that I have a name for what I enjoy doing, I have a reason to keep doing it, and I have other people to share it with. which is pretty damn cool.

I really got into the maker movement in 2012 when I found Tested.com and found the coined name ‘maker’. But, as one could imagine for those of us true makers, its something that we’ve long been doing.

So I set out to turn 2016 into a year of making. Turns out its been pretty challenging in all actuality. So I want to take a moment and really focus into my making and run you, (myself), through the projects that I’ve been working on. Then maybe do some open brainstorming about whats next. or where can I improve.

Its funny, cause you look back and get a really clear picture of what kind of maker you are. Eclectic, eccentric, and a bit inventive if I can pat myself on the back here.