Hand Vises

Ok, I’m sure that if you’re reading this by now you know that I have a bit of a vise vice. I love my vises. Work holding is an amazing technology to me. Not really sure why.

Anyway I was recently challenging myself to make some miniatures that would get too hot to hold too quickly.

My father has long been a tool collector and he has a beautiful little hand vise. Its like a leg vise and a pin vise together in one. Its amazing, old, and beautiful.

So I took to the ebay and I found a similar one.

His is the top one, mine is the bottom. I’ve got a little work to do, I think it was scotch-brighted or wire-wheeled. not sure. I might do a gun bluing on it and then a polish.

There’s not much to this post, just bragging about finding a new vise.

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