‘Reclaimed’ wood wall

Its funny, but once you work with good lumber you really never want to go back. Well Recently I had the opportunity to do a build out in a church with the pallet wood walls.

Actually my father and I both went to build on it. Its weird. I’m used to working with a full cabinet table saw and a nice DeWalt chop saw. Well, for this we had neither. Instead we had a pile of “wood” and they wanted us to match widths and brad nail it to the furring strips they had loosely framed in.

That’s dumb. I made the executive call and we dug out a little DeWalt jobsite table saw. We ripped a ton of lumber and then started placing it in.

My father up placing some more furring strips

This was the back wall.

My Father with the wall that we built in like 4 or so hours.

The outer back wall. None of which was ripped and took the other group twice a long to make.

A wide shot of the whole area that we built out.


All in all it turned out nicely. I still dislike the use of pallet wood. We should have just used stained and ripped plywood sheets. It would have been faster and fit better. But, who cares. It was free and easy week long build in the evenings after work.

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