Tubalcain’s No Spill Oilcan

I have to confess, I am a feverish watcher of MrPete222, Tubalcain, on youtube. That man is amazing. I wish 1) I could have taken machine shop in highschool and 2) that he would have taught it. Seriously go watch his videos now.

Anyway. Recently he did a quick little build of a no-spill or low-spill oil can that can be used with a brush. Well, I’ve started using brushes a lot more and I really get it now. Its much less messy and much more effective.

So I set out the other evening and made one. Its a quick and easy build.

Its really just a larger 1/2 can of chicken with the chicken removed. A hole cut in the top and a copper tube soldered in place. The bottom of the tube has a notch out for oil flow, and theres a 1/16th inch air hole in the top.

It works amazingly well and I’ll be making lots more!

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