Legos and LEDs

Legos are great. This is a fact. I’ve been playing with Legos for years, its even what gave me the push to go into the film industry. It no surprise that I’ve never given it up.

So Lego has also shifted in the last 3 years to include a series of cars. They are making some amazing replicas of high-end european sports cars. The kits themselves are relatively cheap too, for Lego. The speed champions line has several awesome Porsche, Bugatti, Ferrari, AMG, Skudaria, Camero, Corvette, seriously some awesome stuff.

Yeah, I’ve been collecting them as they come out. They’ve released like 4 cars a year. They’re killing it with these little things.

So my father knows that I love lego and cars. He got me this year’s larger scale car kit for Christmas. Its a Caterham.

Its absolutely bad ass. Its also full ‘expert’ Lego techniques — friction fits, angles, and inverted parts. Great kit for adults!

So fast forward a few weeks… He got me a light kit for the scale Mini that I had.

These are made by Bricklink and are totally 3rd party. But, that are amazing. Super bright micro LEDs installed in the bricks. The whole thing is USB powered so it runs off a standard wall charger for a phone.

Lastly I went a little overboard and picked up the latest car kits for 2017.

The VW Beetle was a very great kit. like 1200 pieces. 6 solid hours of building. but it looks great!